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We at the Cheviot Fire Department are proud to serve our community.   We hope this web page will be helpful each time you use it.

The City of Cheviot's fire department is proud having served our citizens for almost a century.  It is the mission of the Cheviot Fire Division to minimize life loss, suffering, and damage due to fire and other emergencies within the community through public education, code management, and incident response. The Cheviot Fire & EMS provides fire protection and Emergency Medical Services to our community. Our station is staffed 24 hours a day using a combination of full-time and part-time personnel.

Fire Prevention and Educationů

Every year Cheviot's firefighters work diligently to help educate the public about fire safety.  The month of October is nationally recognized as Fire Prevention Month.  During this time, firefighters visit Cheviot's nursery and elementary schools to give classes and demonstrations on how children can make their home and community safer.  Throughout the rest of the year, the Fire Department provides CPR classes, tours for Scouts and other youth organizations.  In addition, Captain Scott Scherpenberg heads the department's Fire Inspection Bureau in an effort to educate and help business owners make their establishments safe for their customers.

The members of the Cheviot Fire Department would like to take this opportunity to remind everyone to test their Smoke and CO detectors once a month.  It is also recommended that the batteries in all detectors be changed twice in a year.  Many people use the time to change their clocks as a good reminder to change their batteries.  A smoke detector should be placed on the ceiling in every common and sleeping area of a home or business.   A Carbon Monoxide detector should be placed on each floor of a single-family building and in every living unit in a multi-family dwelling.

Car Seat Inspection Program...

The Cheviot Department of Fire & EMS, in conjunction with Children's Hospital offers free car seat checks. See below for information on scheduling an inspection. We have certified Car Seat Technicians who attended a class though Children's Hospital and the American Automobile Association. In 2000, approximately 80% of all car seats were improperly installed or unsafe to use. Ohio law requires all children up to 8 years of age or 4 foot 9 inches tall to be in a child restraint device. See below for details on how to schedule a car seat inspection.

Many children over 40 pounds are not able to use a seat belt safely and may need to use a booster seat. If children are improperly restrained, or improperly secured in a standard seat belt, the child's chances of significant injury can increase greatly.

Steps In a Car Seat Inspection:

  • Make, Model, and year of the car seat.
  • Checking to see if the car seat has been recalled.
  • Verify the seat is installed correctly and /or make necessary changes.
  • Questions of parents.
  • Other questions and car seat tips.

A typical car seat check takes about 30-45 minutes. We ask that the parents bring the owners manual, the car seat manual, and if possible, the child. A proper inspection takes time, and our inspectors perform many of them. They also have other duties including making emergency runs. There is not a certified inspector at all of our stations most times. For these reasons, we ask that persons desiring a car seat inspection arrange for an appointment with one of our inspectors.

For more information, or to schedule a car seat inspection, call (513) 661-2958

CPR Programů

The Cheviot Fire Department provides CPR training for interested people. Please call the Fire Department for information on CPR Classes.

The Picture Gallery contains pictures of the Cheviot Fire Department in action.

Cheviot Fire Department Reports can be found in the Council Committee Reports

here to get there.

Safety Announcements

Propane Tank Warning...

Meth cooks are getting the propane tanks from the exchanges at Wal-Mart, Kroger, etc. and emptying them of the propane. Then, they are filling them with anhydrous ammonia (which they now have a recipe for by the way). After they are finished with them, they return them to the store. They are then refilled with propane and sent back for you and me to buy.

Anhydrous ammonia is very corrosive and weakens the structure of the tank. It can be very dangerous when mixed with propane and hooked up to our grills, etc. You should inspect the propane tank for any blue or greenish residue around the valve areas. If it is present, refuse to purchase that one."

Additional information can be found on this website for more details. They also have pictures you can show.

Please pass this one along...

In case of emergency ICE!

Paramedics will turn to a victim's cell phone for clues
to that person's identity. You can make their job much
easier with a simple idea that they are trying to get
everyone to adopt: ICE.

ICE stands for In Case of Emergency. If you add an entry
in the contacts list in your cell phone under ICE, with the
name and phone no. of the person that the emergency
services should call on your behalf, you can save
them a lot of time and have your loved ones contacted
quickly. It only takes a few moments of your time to do.

Paramedics know what ICE means and they look for it immediately.
ICE your cell phone NOW!

Please pass this one along...

Here are some Safety Tips regarding Fireworks. (Requires Adobe Reader)

Here are some Safety Tips regarding Carbon Monoxide. (Requires Adobe Reader)

Here are some Safety Tips regarding Severe Weather and Tornados.

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact us at:

Cheviot Fire Department
3814 Harrison Ave.
Cheviot, OH 45211
(513) 661-2958

For more information about personnel, apparatus, activity reports, news and happenings see our web page on the Fire and EMS Information Network.

Hey kids! Check out Sparky the Fire Dog's page at:

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