Harvest Home Fair Canceled for 2020


CONTACT: Sherree Thomas, Harvest Home Fair Board Member, 513-218-7772

On April 16, 2020, the executive board of the Harvest Home Fair made the difficult decision to cancel the 2020 Harvest Home Fair. According to Pete Rebold, Harvest Home Fair Chairperson, the decision was made due to concerns surrounding the potential impact of the Covid-19 virus that could result in risks to the health of fair attendees, as well as volunteers and staff. “Holding the fair puts our volunteers and patrons at risk, many of whom are in a high risk group,” said Rebold. In addition, there were concerns about creating an enjoyable experience for people attending the fair, while maintaining any virus preventative measures that may still be in place at that time. “How do you drink a beer though a mask? How do you accomplish social distancing at an event where everyone is coming to spend time with their friends and family,” said Rebold.

Other concerns impacted the decision, including the ability to start necessary preparation for the fair, such as securing sponsors, as well as costs associated with the Fair set up at Harvest Home Park.  There were also concerns about needed services to support the Fair, such as if public transportation was not running then there would not be any shuttle buses available to transport people to the Fair from remote parking areas. In addition, participation in popular Fair events such as the general exhibits, hobby show, horse show and 4-H could be limited due to interruptions in the organizations that support entries into these events (such as schools). Even participation by high school bands in the parade, or to perform on stage may be impossible if schools are not in session.

“We are all saddened to make this announcement,” said Rebold. “I had considered waiting to make a decision, but it is unfair to our supporters and suppliers to wait any longer. Fair or no Fair – the question was in the back of everyone’s mind associated with the Fair. And it seemed best that we remove that uncertainty, so that all involved can plan accordingly.”

Planning will continue, now focused on making the 2021 Harvest Home Fair better than ever. You can follow the Harvest Home Fair on Facebook to keep up with the latest news and events. There will also be a variety of fun content regularly updated on the Facebook page to maintain excitement about the Fair, such as Fun Fair Facts and stories about Fans of the Fair.

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