Law Director appointed over Unofficial Juvenile Court

Today, Law Director Kimberlee Erdman Rohr was appointed to preside over the Unofficial Juvenile Court proceedings as the hearing officer in Cheviot’s community court.  Law Director Erdman Rohr was sworn in by Judge Williams of the Hamilton County Juvenile Court with Police Chief Emmett Stone and Officer Derek Reinshagen in attendance.  The Unofficial Juvenile Court is a diversion program in collaboration with    the Hamilton County Juvenile Court. The goal of the program is the provide accountability for a child’s actions in the community and school, identify and connect children and families to appropriate services and interventions that support the educational and developmental needs of the child, while employing the guiding principals of restorative justice.  With the support of Mayor Samuel Keller and Chief Stone, Law Director Erdman Rohr and Officer Reinshagen will begin holding a regular docket in the coming months.

City of Cheviot