What are the rules of the DORA?

These DORA Rules must be posted in every Entrance/Exit of a Cheviot participating/permitted/licensed DORA establishment at all times.


A DORA is a “Designated Outdoor Refreshment Area” This area is a specially designated area that allows patrons of a Cheviot permitted DORA establishment serving alcohol to take an open container of alcohol out of a Cheviot designated/permitted/licensed DORA business and walk around the public streets within the designated Cheviot DORA area/boundary.  Drinks must be in special cups designated as Cheviot DORA cups. These cups can only be obtained at participating/permitted/licensed DORA alcohol establishments inside the Cheviot DORA boundaries.

DORA hours of operation

  • Monday thru Thursday: 4:00pm to Midnight
  • Friday, Saturday and Sunday: Noon – Midnight
  • No person shall bring their own alcohol into the Cheviot designated DORA boundary. Ohio open container law prohibits a person from having an opened container of alcohol on a permit premises or in the Cheviot DORA boundaries that was not purchased from a Cheviot participating/permitted/licensed DORA permit holder even if the permit premises are within the Cheviot DORA boundary.
  • Any open alcohol which leaves a participating/permitted/licensed Cheviot DORA establishment must only be in designated Cheviot DORA cups. (DORA cups from other DORA areas are not permitted in the Cheviot DORA boundaries)
  • DORA cups must be empty to enter into another Cheviot Ohio Division of Liquor Control permitted/licensed establishment.
  • Beer, Wine and Liquor can be served/sold in a Cheviot DORA cup.

The Cheviot DORA boundaries are clearly marked with signs stating DORA Boundary City of Cheviot NO ALCOHOL BEYOND THIS POINT.

These signs will be posted at every street exiting the DORA area.

City of Cheviot