Grants, Partnerships & Plans

The Urban Land Institute led a group of real estate and development experts in 2019 to analyze the Cheviot business climate  and make recommendations to spur redevelopment.  Funding for the project was provided by a grant from Hamilton Planning + Development.  The Technical Assistance Panel report can be viewed using this link: ULI Cheviot TAP (Final Report)


Cheviot’s 2016 Housing Survey provides an overview of our housing stock.

◦Streetscape Plan – The Streetscape and Cemetery Plan was adopted by Cheviot City Council in 2010. The decision was made to incrementally implement the Plan. Among the features now in place are hanging baskets on Harrison Avenue, decorative fencing in front of the cemetery on Harrison, and renovation of Pioneer Park across from the cemetery.


JEDDS – What are they? Joint Economic Development Districts (JEDDs) provide a mechanism by which Ohio municipalities and townships can cooperate to foster development activities without modifications to jurisdiction boundaries. Through JEDD contracts, Green and Colerain Townships are able to use Cheviot’s ability to levy income taxes for the employees in specified township developments. Below are the JEDDS Cheviot has with Green and Colerain Townships.

City of Cheviot JEDDS – Joint Economic Development Districts

Green Western Ridge 80/20 2% 2060
Green Christ Medical Center 80/20 1% 2062
Green Mercy Hospital 90/10 2% 2060
Colerain Liberty Nursing 90/10 2% 2063
Green Harrison Greene 90/10 1% 2064
Green UDF/North Bend 90/10 1% 2066
Green McAlister’s 90/10 1% 2068

* The first number is the township’s portion and the second is Cheviot’s



Cheviot has received over $2.3 million in grant monies for community improvements over the past 6 years.


  • OPWC* and CDBG*- Trevor/ Alma Street Construction- $500,000
  • WeThrive Grant- $7,500
  • NatureWorks Grant- Splash Park- $136,000


  • OPWC* and MRF*- Westwood Northern Blvd., School Section Rd. and Washington Ave. Reconstruction – $1.338 million


  • CDBG* – Frances Avenue Reconstruction – $150,000
  • Duke Energy : HCDC Small Business Improvement Program – $20,000 – business assistance to Cheviot businesses


  • NatureWorks grant + 25% matching grant – total $56,328 – major improvements to Harvest Home Playground
  • CDBG* funding: Harvest Home Park public pool repairs & park enhancements – $60,000


  • Interact for Health – $15,800 – completion of 12-station fitness trail at Harvest Home Park


  • Port Authority – condemned commercial building demolition – $30,000
  • CDBG* Façade Improvement Grant program – $25,000
  • CDBG* for revamped tennis courts – $25,000
  • Cheviot Savings Bank – $15,000 for Pioneer Park
  • KaBoom Playground Maintenance Grant – $750


*CDBG – Community Development Block Grant funds
*USDA – United States Dept. of Agriculture

*OPWC- Ohio Public Works Commission

*MRF- Municipal Road Fund


City of Cheviot