Snow Removal

The City of Cheviot is highly regarded for snow removal. By utilizing three dump trucks and a pickup truck equipped with a plow, the Public Works Department quickly clear the streets of snow. Because the City of Cheviot is barely one mile square, all main and side streets are cleared in minimal time. Over the course of a regular winter the City of Cheviot will use 700 tons of road salt to clear the streets.

The Snow Emergency routes in Cheviot include Harrison Avenue, North Bend Road, Glenmore Avenue and Westwood-Northern Boulevard. Information regarding a Snow Emergency can be found in section 70.12 of the Cheviot Code of Ordinances. A reminder to residents who push snow or leaves into the street, section 92.09(B) states that it is unlawful to sweep, throw, or otherwise deposit leaves, sweepings, litter, or other matter from private property onto a sidewalk or from a sidewalk onto a roadway or into the gutter thereof.

City of Cheviot