Cheviot Memorial Fieldhouse

Cheviot Memorial Fieldhouse has basketball and volleyball facilities and a meeting hall. Located at 3729 Robb Avenue, the fieldhouse serves as an ideal place to hold a dance or wedding reception. Adjacent to the fieldhouse are athletic fields for playing baseball, softball, football and soccer. The city’s municipal tennis courts are right next to the building as well. On the front of the building are memorial plaques that honor the men and women who served their country in both WWI and WWII and those who made the supreme sacrifice. Also in front of the building is a Commemorative Plaza, where engraved bricks purchased by citizens in 1993 to honor Cheviot’s 175th birthday are placed. As of April 1, 2009, the Cheviot Memorial Fieldhouse has been listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Contact City Hall for rental information at 513-661-2700.



Rental Prices    *prices may be jumbled if opened on phone*

Type of Rental                Resident Rate                                   Non-Resident Rate

Gym Hours                               $90.00                                                        $150.00

(Minimum 3 hours with Lower Level Rental only)

                                       Deposit           Rental                          Deposit                 Rental

Gym (5 hour rental)      $200.00          $600.00                              $200.00               $1,000.00

Lower Level (includes Kitchen and cost is for a 5 hour rental)

Capacity 150                 $150.00           $240.00                              $150.00                 $400.00

Shelter                           $125.00           $150.00                              $125.00                 $250.00

Monthly Meetings & 6 board meetings: $1,500.00

*Additional hours for any rental is $50/hour for resident and $100/hour for non-resident*

*There is no limit on rental time for the shelter, except that the shelter closes at dark, so the event must be cleaned up and ended before dark*

*Every renter can get in an hour before their 5 hour rental begins for set up or whatever the extra hour is needed for*

*All deposits will be refunded by check the following month as long as everything is cleaned up and nothing is damaged*

City of Cheviot